Friday, January 28, 2005



...After unmentionable trials and tribulations, we are now kinda settled into Kansas City, Missouri.

We just got phone service into our new home today. DSL is coming, and with it more internet activity... We're (myself and Toni, the purdiest girl in the universe) both on dial-up, which is slower than monkey snot in winter, but the DSL has been ordered, and should be in place but early next week.

My task is basically to establish a property management company. This should not be too difficult- I have built and/or owned other companies, as well as have done consulting for some big players in the management industry. Oh, it will not be easy, but I believe that aslong as the Lord lives, Which is in and of itself an axium, everything will come together, or not come togeather, in whatever manner He see's fit. Oh, I'll work my tail off, but the comfort in His providence overwhelms me with peace. No matter what problems come my way; and believe me, they already have, the Lord will see me and my family through. It may not be the way I want, but He will care for us none the less. This makes the transition easy- I really just need to do the task(s) at hand. Whatever comes of them will be exactly what the Lord had planned from the beginning of time. So, what have I got to be worried about? He's in charge, not me.

Moving is such fun!


Post Script- After some four months now, I read this and think, My, what an arrogant cuss. This is very difficult indeed.

Sunday, January 16, 2005



Wow. The list of things going on is amazing. I'll try to keep the story as concise as possible.

I have left Transworld, sold my house, accepted a position in Kansas City MO, and I'm in a hotel in Amarillo Texas with my wife watching King of the Hill while everything we own is in a huge truck in the parking lot. Mouthful, eh?

It's a big huge change, and your prayers are of course appreciated. All of this change began a few months ago, and has cumulated in this. I'm changing careers through this one, going into propery management and other such things.

Through assistance of some our church friends, we miraculously got our truck loaded in less than three hours. This includes all of mama's quilting stuff, which could fill a two bedroom apartment alone. Afterwords, we drove to Flagstaff AZ, and today went from there to Amarillo. It was dark when we entered Texas, but I'm hopeful that tomorrow I may see a dead armadillo, or if I'm really lucky, the opportunity to run one over myself. You see, Armadillo's look just like speed bumps, and I don't slow down for those, either. With good providence, we'll get to Kansas City tomorrow evening.

Give us a few days to get settled in, and I'll give some more gory details. Perhaps, Infinite Purdiestness will put something over on ESD.

We'll chat later.


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